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Furniture Placement

Where you place your furniture in a room will intrinsically set the tone for how that room resonates with you and your guests. Colleen O’Hara Interior Designs first asks what arrangements will create the most comfortable and visually pleasing setting for your home.

Furniture placement is challenging because it requires jointly optimizing a variety of visual and functional criteria. As a skilled interior designer, Colleen follows numerous high-level guidelines in producing furniture layouts such as natural traffic patterns; which are the paths people walk when a room is empty. She is careful not to disrupt the flow of a room with improper furniture placement, ensuring a natural and desired pathway.

Furniture placement is a necessity, it can gives the interior of a house a fun family feel, intimate romantic setting or an organized look for an office space. The better the arrangement of chairs, couches and tables, the more organized and tidy your house looks. Furniture placement is like a final finish to the overall internal look of your house.